Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Being Sensitive to your client’s needs: A REALTORS® Perspective

cat in drawerMany years ago, when I first started selling houses, I was working with a lady who told me she was deathly afraid of cats. Since one of the houses we were going to see was my own listing, I knew the owner had cats. So I told my buyer that I would go inside first and check to see if they were inside or not. (They had a kitty door.)So I went in and looked around and didn’t see either of the cats, anywhere. I even looked under the beds, in the closets and on top of the refrigerator. I covered the entire house… No cats.

I then opened the front door and told the buyer that the cats must be outside because I didn’t see either one of them anywhere in the house, and the buyer apprehensively came inside. She started going from room to room and was slowly relaxing. cat on couch

She then entered the master bedroom ahead of me and 2 seconds later came running past me and ran straight out the front door and refused to come back in. I was standing there looking perplexed until I spotted, calm as can be, one of the cats, sitting on the master bathroom counter, contentedly licking his paw. *sigh*

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